Why the Fall Season is the Best Time to Have a Fence Built

Published On: October 27, 2020Categories: blogs
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It is important to keep your property safe against any threat – whether it’s from wild animals or potential theft. One way to keep your home and property safe is by installing a fence. A fence will be your home’s first line of defense. Fences can be a great way to avoid any land issues or disputes that may arise with your neighbor. 

Installing a fence

So you want to install a fence. However, you are not sure if the timing is right. Should you have it installed right away, or should you wait for a certain season or time? While you can install a fence any time of the years, most homeowners opted to wait for the fall season to have their fence installed. Why is the fall season the best time to have a fence built? Here are several reasons why:

  • Save money

Planning your fencing project during fall can allow you to get significant discounts. Fencing contractors, like many other businesses, are too busy during the spring and summer. However, during fall, they may receive fewer projects, so for their workers to earn during their “slow season,” they will attract homeowners with discounts or upgraded products for the same price. Imagine getting the best type of fence for a smaller budget just because you get your fence installed during fall.


  • Finish the fencing project earlier than usual

Fencing contractors are less busy during fall and winter, so the project will start as planned and get finished on or earlier than the expected time. You don’t need to be on the waiting list, which will happen if you book a fencing project during summer.


  • Landscape friendly

During fall or winter, the landscape becomes dormant, which means installing a fence during this time will cause less damage to the plants. For example, if there are bushes where the fence will be installed, you can have it trimmed back or relocate it. Do you need to replace some of your plants? Getting your fence ready during the fall will give you an excellent start in getting new plants too. 


  • Enjoy your backyard more during the summer

When you install your fence during fall, you don’t need to shorten your time outside as, during this time of the year, you are mostly inside. Once the summer is here, your fence is ready and installed. You will have all the time in the world to appreciate the lovely weather. Installing fences during summer can cause you and your family to retreat inside your home, and you’ll surely miss the fun outside.


Installing a fence can make a big difference on your property and give you the protection you need. However, knowing when to install your fence is the game-changer that can offer you several benefits. Get your fence installed during the fall season and enjoy it come spring and summer. 

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