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Perhaps the most important element in maximizing the life of your fence is the quality of the installation. At Armor Fence Co, our field crews have years of experience and are qualified in all aspects of fence installation. We supply and install tens of thousands of feet of fencing every year and are fortunate to receive many referrals for our work.

Your home might need fencing for aesthetic reasons, or to keep a beloved animal safely inside your home’s perimeter. Your home might need fencing for security or to make sure there is a delineation between your property and your neighbors. Whatever the reason, Armor Fence has the solution! We specialize in all types of fencing including, Wood Fencing, Decorative Metal Fencing, Chain Link Fencing, Vinyl Fencing, Railings and Gates. We also do custom fences for our clients all the time, and our experienced estimators can help you with the perfect design.

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