Tips for Maintaining Your Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

For many years, vinyl fencing has been considered one of the best fencing options in the world. It is no wonder why many homeowners are turning to vinyl for their fencing projects. While it may be manufactured from plastic-based materials made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl fences are also highly durable, versatile, and affordable. Aside from that, one major benefit that attracts homeowners to this fencing option is its maintenance.

Vinyl fence has a very low maintenance requirement to keep its pristine condition. It doesn’t need restaining unlike other wooden fencing options. Though vinyl fences aren’t totally maintenance free, they require a lot less than other types of fencing. Here are some easy and effective maintenance tips for vinyl fences that will help your fences look beautiful for years to come:

Make cleaning a routine

Do not wait for your vinyl fence to show noticeable dirt and staining before you decide to clean it up. The best way to protect and extend the life of your vinyl fence is by making cleaning a habit especially during warmer months when there are heavy rains and insects. You can use a sponge dipped in a mixture of water and a gentle cleaner to wipe away any dust, mold, and other dirt. Then, you can rinse it with your garden hose to remove any of the remaining grime.

After cleaning your vinyl fence with a garden hose, wipe the fence with a clean cloth to make sure that all stains will be completely removed. For more stubborn dirt, a specialized vinyl cleaning product should do the trick.

Maintain landscaping and vegetation

Like any other fencing materials, vinyl fences are not resistant to scratches and mold growth. If your fence is installed near your garden, the soil and moisture from it can begin to affect your fence. The stems of your plants can grow long too and may scratch your fence. To keep your fence safe from this, consider containing your plants so they won’t rub against your fence. 

Address issues right away

One characteristic of vinyl fencing that homeowners love is its durability. However, that doesn’t mean that it is also resistant to wear and tear. Make sure to inspect your vinyl fence regularly so that you will be able to identify and address issues early. Two things that you should not ignore are the fence’s stability and the fence caps. 

Walk around the perimeter of your fence and inspect each of its posts. Sometimes, the posts can get loose especially after a heavy rain, strong wind, and snow. Tighten any loose posts by packing and adding dirt around its base. 

Another thing that can also get loose are the caps on top of the fence posts. It can be caused by a strong wind or the changing of temperatures. Applying a superglue when putting the cap on the post will help prevent this problem. For vinyl fence problems that are out of your control, it is best to contact a professional fence contractor to do the repair for you.

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