The Types of Weather That Can Ruin Your Fence

Published On: July 15, 2022Categories: blogs

Fences provide privacy and separation from surrounding properties. Over a period of time, weather can wreak havoc on your fence. Knowing the types of weather that can damage or ruin your fence is essential so you know how to keep up with maintenance and know what kind of damages to look out for. Below are the types of weather that can cause problems with your fence.

1. Wind

The wind is one of the most common types of weather that can cause partial or complete damage to your fence. Wind generally blows, and things can get out of control. Trees and other loose items can damage your fence if they blow over. If you notice things blown into your fence, you should remove them before it causes more damage.

2. Hail

If you notice that hailstones have hit your fence, it’s time to repair the damage. Hail is also more damaging than wind because it comes with the potential to chip and puncture through the fence.

3. Snow

The majority of snow damage to your fence is due to snow collecting on top and around the bottom of your fence. The more snow that falls, it gets heavier and heavier. The weight can cause a lot of damage. It’s best to choose a durable wooden fence from Armor Fence so that you aren’t faced with constant repairs when the temperature plummets.

4. Rain

If you live in a hot, humid environment subject to rain storms, this type of weather can cause your fence to rot from mold and mildew. Most homeowners look for a way to keep pests out of their siding and doors, but they forget that their fence can be an easy entry point for animals and pests when the bottom has rotted and can be broken through.

5. Tornadoes

Tornadoes can do a lot of damage because they are massive and powerful wind columns that can destroy everything in their path. Tornadoes have been known to cause severe damage to homes, fences, and trees. Even though they are rare in the Northern VA area, a few tornadoes have wreaked havoc on homes and fences.

To sum up, these are the most common types of weather that can ruin your fence. However, other types of weather might not cause as much damage to your fence. Once you know what kind of weather is expected in your region, you can make wise decisions about the fencing choice. To learn more, contact a fencing company like Armor Fence.

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