Seven Reasons to Build a Screened Porch

Published On: April 29, 2019Categories: blogs
screened porch

As summer approaches, homeowners may feel the need to add a screened porch to their home. There are wonderful benefits from having a porch with screens attached to your home, and it is possible to add one of these to the front, back or sides of the building. Here are some of the reasons to call us for this home improvement service.


Extending the Space in a Home

If you don't have enough space for relaxing or entertaining in your home, then a screened porch is an excellent option. It is important to remember that it is possible to have glass windowpanes in addition to screens on the porch, so you can use the space year-round. We can also install electrical wiring for lights along with attaching electric baseboards to the screened porch so that you can use the room during the autumn and winter.


Privacy While Enjoying Fresh Air

When you want to enjoy the fresh spring or summer air, a porch with screens makes it easier. The screens add privacy to space, and you can still use window blinds or curtains over the windows. If a screened porch is in a strategic location, then you can open the windows to keep a cool breeze blowing through your home without having others seeing into a kitchen or a living room.


Protection from Sunlight

While you may enjoy cool breezes, you may want to sit on a porch without any exposure to bright sunlight that can cause skin damage. A porch with screens and windowpanes will also have a roof for protection from the direct sunlight.


An Attractive Place for Houseplants

If you love having numerous houseplants, then a screened porch is the perfect location for your potted flowers and plants. You won't need to worry about having any insect or other vermin invaders in your houseplants because the window screens will keep these pests away.


Additional Security

You may want a fun place for your children to play, but using a yard for a child’s activities isn’t always a good idea. With a porch with screens, your child can have a cool playroom with the security of strong window screens on the windows and doors.


Add Value to Your Home

Adding a beautiful porch with screens to your home will increase its value on the real estate market. This is a feature that future homebuyers are looking for when they want to buy a new home.


Protection from Insect Bites and Stings

With a screened porch, you can avoid dangerous honeybee stings or mosquito bites. You can open the windowpanes on the porch to enjoy the cool breezes while sitting in a chair reading a book or using a laptop without worrying about insects invading your space.

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