Pet Fences: The perfect summer investment

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If you have or are planning to have pets, a pet fence is a must. A well-built fence can protect your pet from any outside threat. In the same manner, it protects other people from your pet. Moreover, it can boost the value of your property when done properly. For pet owners, a home with a fence is a plus as they are more likely to purchase a property with it.

Still, not all pet fences are the same. Materials and design are elements that must be taken into consideration before building a fence. At Armor Fence, we offer wood, wire, chain link, rail, vinyl, and aluminum fences among many others, and you can be certain we will do our best to provide the best fences available according to your preferences. 

Types of pet fence

Picket fence

A home with a white picket fence is a dream for many people. But a white picket fence can do more than making a property look good; it can keep your pet protected as well. Picket fences come in different sizes. Their height may vary from 3 to 8 feet. The 3 feet fences work well for small dogs, while the ones over 6 feet are perfect for large dogs. The tops also come in different shapes such as rounded, arches, or curves. Picket fences are preferred by many as they retain functionality while remaining visually pleasant. Well-built wood slats prevent any intrusion from the outside and preserve privacy. The disadvantage of this fence type is that it requires significant maintenance and maybe a bit costly.

Welded wire fence

A welded wire fence can be effective in keeping big dogs at bay, but it may have trouble deterring a tiny dog from escaping. It may be possible for it to sneak through the holes or dig under the fence. Also, the mesh may allow certain dogs to climb and propel themselves, allowing them to jump over the fence.

Chain-link fence

Chain-link fences are fairly strong and last for a really long time. They comprise tube slats attached together by sturdy chain links. It can easily keep large dogs from escaping and deter intruders. The drawback of this type of fence is that it’s more expensive and dogs may try to climb it.

Split-rail fence

Split-rail fences have been around for a long time. By splitting logs into rails and placing them in parallel rows, they can be used to keep dogs inside a property as long as a wire mesh is used to cover the openings between and under the rails. This type of fence is also easy to maintain and provides a clear and unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Vinyl fence

Vinyl fences require little maintenance and can keep a pet inside while providing a stylish appearance. They are quite durable. Beyond the occasional cleaning, they need little attention. Vinyl is a reliable material that never fades and can keep its structural integrity for a long time unless it’s freezing. Moreover, it offers plenty of privacy similar to wood fences.

Aluminum fence

Unlike picket fences, aluminum allows you and your pet to have a view of the surroundings while keeping the elegance. There are several possible arrays for an aluminum fence. If you have a big pet, picking a heavy aluminum style will prevent escapes; however, with a tiny dog, the lighter models will be enough to keep it in place. Typically, the space between the aluminum bars are a concern, but you can choose a design with pickets together on the lower portion of the fence to prevent your pet from escaping.

Invisible fence

Invisible fences do exist. By placing a special collar on the dog, it will get mildly shocked if it crosses the boundary of the property. The fence requires the installation of an electric wire underground, and although it may prevent the dog from getting out, it won’t deter intruders.

Choosing the right fence can make a big difference in your home. It will not only make it look better but will also keep your pets safe from harm. If you are not sure which type of fence to choose from, we can help you. We can provide an estimate depending on your needs and help you with anything you might need.

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