Outdoor Living On Your Deck/Patio While Social Distancing


Spring is already here and the fun activities that we used to do during this season seems to be a dream for now, especially with the novel coronavirus affecting the world. We can’t go out in public and meet our friends to have some fun while the virus is not fully contained yet. However, being home quarantined doesn’t mean you only need to be within the four walls of your home.
Your deck, patio or your backyard is a good place to enjoy the great outdoors while still observing social distancing. Here are the 7 fun activities you can do within the safety of your backyard while social distancing.

Spring cleaning
If you haven’t started spring cleaning, then now is the time to do it. Make your deck, patio and the rest of your backyard features sparkling clean this season. Cleaning won’t just include removing dirt and grime from your outdoor space, but identifying any issues that need attention such as damaged deck boards or displaced fences.

Fly a kite
The seasonal winds are perfect for enjoying a spring afternoon kite flying. You can purchase some kites at your local store or, better yet, make your own kites at home. Then gather your kids in your deck or an open space in your backyard and launch your kite. You might also like to write some inspiring messages on your kite that you want to tell your neighbors and other people amidst the pandemic.

Have a picnic
Spring time should be the time to meet some friends and enjoy the outdoors. But with Covid-19 still uncontained, you are forced to stay at home. Make your stay at home enjoyable for the whole family; if you can’t visit -public parks for your spring picnic, then why not do it in your own backyard. Pack some meals, lay out your blanket on your lawn, and enjoy the weather outdoors while having your meal.

Camping out
Forget binge-watching Netflix series. Set up “camp” on your deck or patio and spend the night star gazing. You can also make a small fire pit so you can roast your marshmallows and make smores.

What makes it more frustrating to be home quarantined during the spring? It’s because the weather is so nice to just spend it indoors. If you can’t visit your favorite beach because of the pandemic, then bring the spring fun inside your property. Don a swimsuit, take out your inflatable pool, and play with the water with your kids. You can also turn on the sprinklers or make your own bubbles for added fun!

Feed the birds
Despite the social distancing mandated by the government, you will still get to receive visitors in your backyard once in a while. These are your winged friends that love to snack on the fruits in the trees or the seeds on the ground. Welcome them to your backyard by creating a bird feed with your children. Prepare something that birds like to eat like a pinecone in peanut butter or some seeds then hand them in a tree branch inside your property.

Start a garden
Spring wouldn’t be complete with the flowers blooming in your garden. If your garden has taken a toll from the previous season, then spruce it up by planting perennial plants. If you still have enough space, you can also start making your own herb or vegetable garden

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