Improving the Appearance of a Chain Link Fence

Aluminum Fence

Chain link fences serve many useful purposes for property owners. They can be used to keep pets on property, protect pools and more. Chain link fences are very popular because they are cost-effective to install and maintain. They are manufactured using galvanized steel links. These links are held in place by steel frames and posts. This is a very efficient type of fencing, but some people believe it is also an eyesore on their property. There are things a property owner can do to make their chain link fencing more appealing.

Privacy Slats

This can provide a way to have all the efficiency of a chain link fence as well as privacy. It is also a way for property owners to add some color to their fence. Most chain link fencing companies can provide property owners with privacy slats. They come in a wide variety of colors. It is possible to get slats that match the color of a home and more. They are designed to slide into the area of a fence’s linking. They can then be woven right into the mesh. Privacy slats are then able to be locked. They will have a system that will lock at the top or bottom.

Rust Free

It is a good idea to keep a chain link fence clean and free from rust. This will make its appearance more attractive. These fences can be cleaned using a wire brush that has been placed in warm, soapy water. Scrubbing the fence with this will eliminate any areas that have a build-up of rust. Should an area have very strong deposits of rust, a rust-dissolving naval jelly can be used to eliminate it. Once it is cleaned and dried, the chain link fence should then be sprayed with a liquid automobile wax. This is an effective way to keep a chain link fence from again becoming rusted.


Many people find a color that would work better than the current color of their chain link fence. Some would like it to be a bright silver, others like black and some like a green color and more. It is possible to easily paint a chain link fence. This could provide it with a better appearance and a longer life. It’s important to choose an oil-based paint. The paint must be specifically designed to be used with metal surfaces. Two coats of the paint must be put on each side of the fence. Between applications of paint, each coat should be permitted to dry. Black paint is a favorite for those who want their fence to blend in with the local landscape.


There are certain plants like ivy, morning glories and more that can be used to naturally improve the appearance of a chain link fence. Ivy is a vine plant that grows quickly. It can completely cover a fence with its beautiful green leaves. The blooms of morning glories are tubular-shaped. They are purple, pink and blue in color. They will die in the fall. When spring arrives, morning glories will once again grow and cover a chain link fence.

Many property owners like the value a chain link fence brings to their property. They may want to improve the look of their chain link fencing. With some careful planning and effort, a chain link fence can offer a great appearance that will complement the property where it is located.