Good Fences- And Good Neighbors!

wood fence

Whenever you decide to install an attractive Armor aluminum, vinyl, steel, wood, or chain link fence, this structure will enhance the appearance of your home or business in exciting ways! Particularly if you decide to fence the perimeter of your property for the first time, it usually makes sense to share your decision in a friendly way with your neighbors in advance. They’ll notice the fencing, and checking with adjoining property owners first often promotes smoother installation and maintenance.
We’d like to offer a few suggestions for useful topics to discuss with neighbors about fence issues. The old saying: “Good fences make good neighbors!” still holds a lot of truth today. Communicating with other local people about this subject helps create more harmonious neighborhoods.

Check With Homeowners Associations First

Many homeowners in this part of Virginia reside in subdivision communities governed by Homeowner Association Organizations (HOAs). These groups frequently establish rules to help maintain property values. An HOA may promulgate regulations controlling whether or not residents can erect some types of fences, or specifying the allowable fencing materials and fence styles used within the HOA. Most (but not all) HOAs collect regular dues from homeowners on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to help them enforce their covenants.
Before selecting your fence, you’ll want to check with your local HOA (if you live within one) to obtain fence guidelines. Some HOAs issue rules covering fences, while others do not. Why should you check with your HOA first? If you erect a fence prohibited by applicable HOA covenants, your neighbors could require you to remove it. Checking the HOA guidelines first may help avoid problems down the road.

Discuss Shared Fences With Neighbors

If you share an existing fence with a neighboring property owner, and you’d like to replace it with an attractive new Armor fence, broach this subject with the adjoining property owner. For instance, you might agree to split the cost of obtaining fence replacement. Virginia maintains complex fence laws. It usually makes sense to discuss any changes to the location of an existing property line fence with an attorney first.
If you do decide to share a fence with a neighbor, make sure you clarify the responsibilities for future maintenance. It makes little sense to install a lovely new fence without also planning for this important aspect of fence ownership. You may find it helpful to discuss the best way to formalize your agreement with your attorney; sometimes neighbors sell their property to new owners, and you’ll want to ensure everyone receives notice about an agreement covering a shared fence in this situation.

Lovely Armor Fencing

We offer excellent fences in an impressive array of sizes, materials, styles and colors. Our products enrich the lives of numerous households in Virginia! Contact us for assistance if you plan to select a new or a replacement fence.