Fence Solutions For Your 4 Legged Friend

Published On: December 2, 2020Categories: blogs
fencing for pets

Nowadays, when we have pets at home, we don’t just consider them as mere pets. Instead, we treat them as a part of the family; we care for them like we usually do to our family members. If possible, we want them to be safe and healthy always. However, like the curious and playful beings that they are, they love to run around your yard and even escape the confines of your perimeter. As their fur-parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that they remain safe within the four corners of your yard. 

Fences become a huge help in keeping your pets on your property. If you are looking for a fencing solution that does its job well in keeping your pets safe within your yard, then the fencing solutions below are for you.

  • Double-duty privacy fences

Double-duty privacy fences are solid barriers perfect for curious fur-babies since it blocks their view of what is outside the fence. It is double-duty because it provides privacy in your backyard and, at the same time, keeps your pet safe within your perimeter. This type of pet fence is typically made with wood, but it can also be made with PVC metal and other materials. Double-duty privacy fences are usually about 6 feet tall or more. If you have pets that are high-jumpers, then you might like to consider having it taller. 

  • Chain link fences

If you are looking for a cheaper fence for your pet and the fence’s aesthetic appeal is not your top priority, installing a chain link will do the job. The good thing about chain link fences is that it doesn’t just keep your pets safe inside your yard, but it also prevents critters from getting in your property. Besides that, chain link fences are a sound investment for your yard since its durability can last for up to 20 years. The only downside of a chain link fence is that you will have no privacy inside your yard since you can see past it. 

  • Electric dog fences

Also known as “invisible fences,” electric dog fences have increasingly become a popular fencing choice by many homeowners with pets at home. It allows you to keep your pets from straying outside without having a physical fence in your yard. After installing the invisible fence, you will also need to put a special collar on your dog; this collar will then deliver shocks when your dog reaches the specified boundary. To help your dog identify the boundaries, there will be small flags placed over the trench. Unfortunately, invisible fences effectively keep your pets within the yard, but it doesn’t prevent critters and wildlife from entering your property. 

  • Indoor dog fences

Indoor dog fences are the type of fence perfect for people living in apartments or homeowners who don't like to install an outdoor fence. With an indoor fence, you can have your pet stay in a specified area of your home while you do your usual errands. However, you will need to have your pets trained to stay within the barrier. Larger and high-jumper pets can also get past it easily. 

  • Metal fences

If you have large dogs at home, then a metal fence is the best option for you. Metal fences could either be made with iron, steel, or aluminum, which means they are highly durable and will last long. Metal fences also help increase your home’s curb appeal, especially when your fence’s style and color compliment the architectural design of your home. 

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