Causes And Prevention of a Deck Collapse

gathering on deck

A deck can be a great addition to your home. It gives you space to entertain guests and gives you a focal point for your backyard. With proper care and maintenance, your deck can last for a long time.

Is your deck safe to use?

If you are going to entertain guests on your deck, it is important to be sure that the deck is structurally sound. Typically, decks are built to withstand pressure and stress. When installed properly, it can accommodate the number of people it is designed to cater to. However, because your deck is built outside, it is exposed to outside elements too, which can take a toll on the deck materials. Your deck can deteriorate over time and if you are not looking closely at your deck’s condition, it might collapse at any time and can cause serious injury. 

Homeowners have the responsibility of checking their decks regularly and ensuring that their deck is safe to use. A lot of accidents and deck problems can be prevented through proper inspection and maintenance. Here are some common causes and prevention of a deck collapsing that you should know about:


  • Too much weight
    Decks are installed and designed with a specific number of weights allowable. It is important that you stick with that weight range – limit the number of people to prevent accidents from happening.


  • Structural problems
    It is important that a deck structure and design should be installed according to the weight restrictions. Its structure should be built with the number of people in mind to ensure its design can withstand a certain amount of weight.


  • Worn materials
    Check the wood on your deck as well as the nails and screws. Regular inspection allows you to check your deck’s overall health and if there are materials that need to be replaced. A rotted board can cause serious problems if not replaced because it allows moisture to seep through which weakens the condition of your deck in the long run.


  • Defective foundation
    Your deck should comply with all the building permits in your area to ensure that it is safe to use. If there are violations of building codes and permits, your deck’s foundation can be compromised, increasing your risk of experiencing a deck collapse situation in the future. Your deck contractor should

Disasters can happen anytime to anyone. However, this can be prevented by educating yourself about the importance of regular inspection and maintenance. If your deck is old, it may need repair or replacements, so always be mindful about having your deck checked thoroughly once a year by a professional.

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