Bad Fence Footing

Published On: February 23, 2021Categories: blogs
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One way to protect your property, such as your home, is to install a fence. A properly constructed fence can give your home protection against forced entry, vandalism, and even from uninvited guests such as wild animals. If you have kids, having a fence can ensure that your kids will be protected from the danger lurking outside. It can also serve as a barrier for your pets, so they don’t get out and get lost. It can also offer privacy against prying eyes and also enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Indeed, having a fence offers several benefits. When appropriately installed, a fence can last for years without needing regular maintenance, especially if you use quality materials. One way to ensure that your fence will last longer is to have sound fence footing. Yes, fences also have footing. For example, people should have proper footing or else, they might slip while walking. A good footing is essential to stay upright on our feet – the same thing with fence footings. A bad fence footing can cause your fence to collapse. 

What is fence footing?

Fences will stay erect and upright when there is good fence footing. Any structure will collapse or become unstable without good solid footing. A good fence footing is more important, especially in areas where fences will have to deal with harsh weather conditions such as unforgiving winds, strong storms, and winters. A good fence footing will serve as an anchor to your fence, keeping it stable and unmovable no matter what the current weather or condition is. 

Whether you want to install a fence because you want some privacy or a better-defined property line, it is important that you don’t take fence footing for granted. Your fence footing will depend on several factors, such as the type of fence you want to install, the materials being used, and the type of soil you have. A proper footing can consist of simple post holes dug with regards to the fence height. Remember, your fence posts will go straight to these holes. Generally, the depth of these holes should be at least 1/3 of the posts above ground height for a stronger hold. For example, a 6-foot fence post should be buried at least 2 feet below the ground.

What if you have a bad fence footing?

Unfortunately, some homeowners didn’t know the importance of fence footing – especially if they choose to have a DIY installation. Putting up a fence is doable and can be a satisfying project, but it can be tricky. Remember, a fence is only as strong as its posts. If you have bad fence footing, your fence will also be in bad shape and will require repair sooner. A properly installed fence should have good construction from the bottom up. A bad fence footing doesn’t just make your fence weak, but it can also lead to additional repair costs, not to mention a lot of headache and stress. 

A fence can provide your home several benefits, so make sure you get your fence build right by putting importance on your fence footing. 

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