5 Vinyl Fencing Maintenance Tips

Published On: October 1, 2019Categories: blogs
vinyl fence

You just got a vinyl fence installed for your home. Having a good fence makes good neighbors and they also create happy homeowners. While there are a lot of fencing materials in the market today, a lot of homeowners are choosing vinyl fencing due to a lot of good reasons.

For one, vinyl is easy to install and is also durable and easy to maintain. It doesn’t expand when the temperature changes plus it doesn’t oxidize or rust like a normal type of metals would when exposed to harsh weather conditions. However, it doesn’t mean that your vinyl fencing doesn’t need a little maintenance tip. If you want your fence to last longer, here are five vinyl fencing maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  • Clean your fence periodically

Your vinyl fence may not get extremely dirty but this doesn’t mean that you should skip cleaning it. The dirt that gets stuck to it after a rainstorm can accumulate and dull the appearance of your fence. You can clean it by using a pressure washer with a low pressure or clean it with a mixture of water and a household cleaner.  


  • Check your fence stability

Although a vinyl fence is sturdy and weather-resistant, you should still check your fence line, especially after heavy rain. Extreme weather conditions may make the locking tabs that hold your boards and posts together loose. If you do find loose posts, address them right away but secure their locks or add more soil around the base. 


  • Remove the mildew

If you notice any formation of mildews on your vinyl fencing, remove it immediately before it can spread out. You can use a soft cloth or brush with soft bristles and gentle cleanser in removing the stubborn dirt. Another effective solution in removing mildew and dirt from vinyl fences is the Magic Eraser. It acts like a sponge when you dampen it with water and the next thing you know, your fence looks just as new.


  • Do not paint your fence

Vinyl fences do come in a variety of colors but if you get tired of the color, try to resist the urge to paint them because vinyl fences are not designed to hold the components of certain paints. It may create an aftereffect such as bubbles forming on the painted area. Aside from that, painting your vinyl fence will also void its warranty.


  • Do not put heat sources near your vinyl fence

Vinyl fences can withstand even the scorching heat of the sun, but they can be vulnerable to heat from a nearby source such as an outdoor heater or BBQ grill. Fortunately, it will also be self-extinguish once the source of the flame is taken away. However, the fence could warp because of it. 


A vinyl fence is so durable and easy to clean. It can also stand both dry and moist weather. However, following the maintenance tips mentioned above will ensure that it will last longer. 

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