Reasons to Install a Fence for Your Home

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Are you considering adding a fence to your home? If so, you're making the right upgrade for several reasons. According to BBN Times, more than 50% of Americans have some sort of fence in their yard. Your local fence companies can put up a fence in a range of materials including wood, vinyl, and metal. If you're still on the fence about a fence installation, here are some reasons to call a contractor.


Every homeowner wants to protect their home and everyone in it. Luckily, a quality fence is the perfect way to deter a potential intruder. The mere presence of a fence is likely to deter an intruder compared to a home that doesn't have a fence at all. Plus, depending on the type of fencing system you have, it may be impossible for anyone to get inside without being let in by an access code.

Protecting your home from unwanted intruders means you'll keep your physical property and possessions inside safe. If you've worked hard all your life, you don't want your valuable possessions stolen, and you don't want your home broken into where it could suffer damage. Even if you have an alarm system, as most homes do, a fence is still the first line of security defense.

Stray Animals

Do you live in a neighborhood full of pets? If so, that might be a delight, especially if you're also a pet owner. However, that doesn't mean you want everyone's pets or stray animals running into your yard. After all, random stray animals could potentially be violent and spread disease, especially rabies. A feral animal could also hurt you or your family with bites. These animals could be equally harmful to your pets, especially puppies that haven't been vaccinated yet.

You may also have to worry about wildlife depending on your area. Can you imagine coming home and seeing a bear outside going through your trash can? Don't forget about the cute but hungry deer searching for vegetation. You don't want them invading your backyard and eating up the crops you've worked so hard to grow in your garden.

Boundary for Kids and Pets

If you're a parent of a small child or a fur baby, you understand just how important it is for them to have room to play outside. Give yourself peace of mind and ensure the little ones are safe by having adequate fencing. After all, your dogs and younger children may not understand the dangers of going beyond your property zone. With a fence, they have a clear boundary that they can't get out of. As a result, you can reduce the likelihood of them going over to your neighbor's property or running into the street.

This boundary can also protect them from potentially harmful strangers who want to take them off your property. After all, if you have a particular dog breed, your puppy may be a target for somebody who wants to sell it. Stray animals that may wander onto your property could also hurt your pets or kids. Prevent that by giving them the proper boundary restriction while letting them enjoy the benefits of fresh air, vitamin D, and nature.

Curb Appeal

When you take a great amount of pride in your home, it should show the minute someone arrives at your property. Regardless of how well you keep up your hardwood flooring, furniture, or interior paint job, people may have the wrong impression of you as a homeowner if you let your exterior go to waste. One of the best ways you can enhance your exterior is by having quality fencing that you keep up with. Your fence should be one of the first things people see, especially if it's high enough. When you're upgrading the curb appeal of your property, don't forget that your fencing is just as essential as your landscape, garage door, walkway, and exterior paint job.

The great thing about fencing is you have a range of materials that can go with your overall home design or personal aesthetic. You may want a fence that completely matches your home trimming. Or, you may want to paint it a completely different color that'll make you stand out on the block. If you ever decide to sell your home one day, remember every element that you add to curb appeal can help your home leave a good first impression on someone approaching your property for a potential sale.


Do you plan on redesigning your home anytime soon? When you have a fence upgrade, you can install one that matches the style and color that goes with your home. In our experience, with a wooden or vinyl fence, they're easy to paint. You can further enhance them by painting intricate designs on them.

Noise Pollution

Has your once quiet neighborhood become noisier than ever? As more people move in, you may hear more honking cars, barking dogs, and partying. When you come home, you want to enjoy the quietness of your property. Whether you want to read a book, take a nap, work without interruption, or sleep, getting rid of noise pollution is essential. One of the main benefits of a good fence is blocking out unwanted noise pollution so your home has more sound insulation. According to the Sleep Foundation, people should get at least seven to nine hours of restful sleep each night. Without it, one can develop inflammation, fatigue, weight issues, and poor cognition. If you're having sleep issues due to excessive noise, calling your local fencing company can help.


Your home is your sanctuary, so you should be able to enjoy as much privacy as possible. With a fence, you can stay away from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors or people passing by. That's helpful if your neighborhood happens to be a high-traffic area where random people may be passing through at any time. Plus, when it's nice outside, you want to feel comfortable enough to open your windows or blinds for regular sunshine. You may be leery of doing that if your windows would open too much to the public. At least with a fence, you'd have that privacy while still enjoying natural sunlight.


Turning to local fence companies is another good way to increase your home value. With the right fence that can last for a decade or more, you can increase your home value as you're adding to your overall security and protection. Whether you have an ornamental iron fence or a vinyl one, you have an aesthetically pleasing form of protection that can catch any appraiser or home buyer's eye. Plus, a fence can protect your property from harm, since it helps to keep intruders away. By protecting your home structure and avoiding vandalism or theft, you can avoid anything that can cause it to decrease in value and create expensive repairs.

As you can see, there are many reasons to hire local fence companies for their services. Whether you go with vinyl, wood, or iron fencing, you're adding protection and safety to your home. With a fence, you also have another way to enhance your curb appeal and increase your overall home value, so contact us for your needs. We have vast amounts of experience with such fencing and deck services. Call Armor Fence, Deck & Patio today for a quote and consultation.

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