How a New Deck Can Bring New Life to Your Yard

Published On: April 4, 2024Categories: blogs
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Do you love your home but also wonder how you can add more life to your yard? Your yard is a great space to enjoy some fresh air. According to PR Newswire, Americans like to spend roughly 10 hours a week using their outdoor living space. So, how can you improve your yard? You might want to think about hiring a deck service to build you a new deck. Here's why:

You'll Have a Whole New Outdoor Look

There's something about a new deck with fresh-cut wood and perhaps a different layout than the previous one that gives a varied perspective on your yard. It's something that's new and exciting. You'll eagerly anticipate that first late afternoon/early evening of going out on the new deck and taking a look around. It'll give your place a whole new feel, too.

You’ll Have a New Place to Entertain People

Are you the type that likes to host parties? If you’ve got a new deck that can hold a lot of people, you can do things like have an entertainment center set up in the yard. That way, you can watch everything from movies to sporting events. Everyone will love relaxing during the afternoon or the evening and will spend time enjoying a drink and either talking or watching the screen. If you have a pool in the yard as well, then that could be even better.

You'd be able to arrange and furnish the deck in whatever way you want. You could have extensive seating, or you could have another area in the yard that's devoted to seating while you do something like grill some food for everyone. However, you could always have your party catered, too, if you wanted to be able to join your guests and eat at the same time. It's all up to you and what you envision when you entertain guests in your yard.

You'll Have a Place to Relax With Family

If you're more of the type that likes to just hang out with your spouse and your children, that's great too. All of you can just unwind on the deck after a long day of work and school. It'll be a nice back-up to the dining room, since you can all have dinner outside when the weather's nice. If your kids want to sit on a deck chair and do some homework, then that would work, too. It can be about changing the view.

This is a great way to customize your deck to suit your family's lifestyle. You can have areas set up to study or to read, and there can be other spots for something like a hammock, where you can laze away on a nice spring or summer day. You can even set up a little mini garden area where you can grow certain things. The choices are nearly unlimited. You just don't want to go too far out of the box, since having something super niche might hurt that resale value a bit.

You'll Have a Place to Do Work

Are you someone who works from home? Having strong wireless means that you can work from anywhere in the house. If it extends to the deck, then all the better. Just grab your laptop and sit out at a table, maybe even a large umbrella, so you don't have to worry about the harsh summer sun, and do some work or another activity. It sure would beat having to be cooped up in a room.

Your work wouldn't have to be a conventional nine-to-five type of job. You could be an artist or something else. If you have an area on the deck that allows natural light or shade, you could spend time painting or doing another type of art. There's something about being able to enjoy the outdoors while doing this. Of course, it also depends on other factors, like if it's too windy or even raining. Still, it would be a nice second choice for an art studio of some sort.

You'll Improve Your View

This can especially be the case if you add a deck attached to the second floor of your house. That way, you can get a look at the suburb or town that you live in. If there aren't any taller places than yours in your neighborhood, then you'll have a view that you can see for miles around you. There's just something about having an unblocked view that can make looking from your deck a beautiful sight.

The thing about that deck, especially if you have a higher wall or if you're the only one in the neighborhood that has one, is that you can have great privacy. Want to stretch out on a chaise lounge up there and rest? You can do that without having to worry about other neighbors prying. That's also a relaxing thought.

You'll Improve Your Home's Value

You can have a choice when it comes to your deck. Some people like to have their decks in the front of the home. If you have a well-maintained deck, then that can greatly add to the curb appeal of your home. This will definitely benefit you when it's time to sell your home.

You can also increase your home's value, whether you have the deck in the front or the back. Many people would love to have homes that have decks. This is especially true if it's relatively brand-new or if it's recently been installed. So, many people would be willing to pay something extra for that. Your real estate agent should add that to your listing.

You'll Likely Save on Renovations

Best of all, when you hire a deck service, the job can be done very quickly when compared to other kinds of home renovation services. The whole thing can be built in a matter of days. That's significantly less time-consuming than having to wait for weeks to have something like the bathroom remodeled. Also, you'll have a working shower and toilet while the deck is being built, as opposed to other remodeling scenarios.

All you need to do is make sure that any permits, if needed, are in place. That way, you won't have to worry about any fines. Talk with the people doing the deck about your vision. They will tell you if it can be achieved.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting a new deck. You can see a great return on it if you sell the place, and if you do wind up living there for a lot longer, you'll get a lot of enjoyment from it, along with your family members, neighbors, and friends. You will be sure to get great value from the deck.

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