Eight Ideas for Space Underneath a Raised Deck

Published On: January 22, 2019Categories: blogs, Uncategorized
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When a homeowner has a large space under a raised deck, it is possible to use the space for a variety of purposes. Here are some ideas for optimizing this space.

Bicycle and Toy Storage

If you have children, then using the space underneath the deck for storage of bicycles and toys is a way to keep your lawn neater. When you live in an area with inclement weather, you can enclose the area to protect items from the damages of rain or snow.

Storage for Barbecue Equipment

While you shouldn't cook food underneath your home’s raised deck, you can store your barbecue equipment such as the grill and cooking utensils. You can also have plastic containers to store charcoal or wood pellets that are used for cooking food outside.

Gardening Equipment Storage

You might have a lot of gardening equipment that requires storage away from the sunlight. It is easy to hang pegboard on the interior walls underneath the raised deck so that you can hang small tools such as trowels or shovels. You can place larger pieces of gardening equipment in the middle of the space.

Parking Space for a Riding Lawn Mower

A riding lawn mower can take up a lot of space in your home’s garage, so you can use the space underneath the raised deck for a parking area. This will protect the machine from wind and rain so that it will remain in the best condition.

A Children’s Playroom

The area underneath the deck is the perfect size for a children’s playroom, and you can make it look better by adding drywall and wallpaper to it along with a durable floor. Fill the space with a small table and chairs so that your children have a place to play each day.

Storage for Holiday Decorations

If you enjoy using an assortment of holiday decorations on your lawns or the exterior of your home, then you need a place to store the items safely. You can store inflatable Halloween pumpkins and Christmas reindeer. It is also easy to enclose the space so that you can store plastic totes that are filled with smaller holiday decorations.

A Relaxing Place for Your Pets

When your family pets are outside, the animals need a place out of the hot sun or cold winter winds. You can use the space underneath the raised deck as a safe place for your pets with a doghouse or climbing toys for your cats. Contact us at Armor Fence Co., in Virginia to have your deck space remodeled.



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