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Designing Your Next Trex Deck

Homeowners who have built decks in their homes know that Trex decking is one of the most popular choices especially when it comes to superior quality, durability, aesthetic appeal, and maintenance. But aside from all these, the most important quality of your deck is to provide an area where you can extend your living space. If you are tired of entertaining your guests within the closed walls of your living room, then you can have a great chat over your deck while enjoying the beauty of your surroundings. Not only that, you can also spend your Me-Time on your deck as you snuggle on your warm blanket while reading your favorite novel. 

Whether you are using your Trex deck to entertain family and friends or to destress yourself, it is crucial to design the area that will match whatever mood you will be in. 

Here are the tips on designing your next Trex deck:

  • Be tech-savvy

Sometimes, there are so many designs of our dream deck swirling in our mind that we get confused on which to follow. You can start by being tech-savvy. All you have to do is type in your search query and you will be surprised with how many ideas and tips you could get in designing your Trex deck. 

  • Consider your lifestyle

Always consider your lifestyle before deciding on the design of your deck. If your family loves to have your friends come over your home, then a multi-tiered deck with separate elevations may be ideal. You can allocate an area in the corner for grilling and eating and another area as a play space for your children so they can also have fun while you enjoy your time with your friends. 

  • Don’t forget the railing styles

The railing is one of the most visible parts of your Trex deck. Railing plays a very important part in keeping you safe. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge yourself in selecting railing styles. There are railing styles that can be customized while there are also pre-designed. Choose a style and color that will compliment your Trex deck. 

  • Consider the deck as your living room

Just like how you would want to use your Trex deck, it will be an extension of your living room. Therefore, since the living room serves as the visitors’ place in any home, the deck should also have a welcoming ambiance to greet your visitors. 

  • Pay attention to deck lighting

Lighting fixtures can make or break the atmosphere in your deck. String lights, fairy lights, and glowing lamps will give off a romantic and cozy ambience, making the area perfect for a wine with your loved one or a movie night with your whole family. On the other hand, colorful lights, lanterns, and LED lights will be great for nighttime grilling and barbecue fun with friends. 

 Another tip to keep in mind when designing your Trex deck is the cost. Determine your budget in designing your deck and stick to it. Here at Armor Fence, we have many years of experience perfecting the installation of Trex Decking. If you’re looking for a complete deck transformation, contact us today!

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