Qualities to Look For in a Local Fence Company

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Quality fencing is essential for helping to protect your home. You may need large fencing to pose an obstruction to intruders or smaller fencing to protect your garden from hungry pests. Of course, things such as privacy and reduced noise pollution are also benefits of investing in a fence. When you make such an upgrade, you want to ensure you find a reputable fence company to help you. Here are the qualities to look for in such a fence company.

Positive Reputation

A solid reputation is a must for any contractor, and a fence company is no different. You want a fencing professional known for being professional and providing quality services. The best way to find out about their reputation in the industry is by asking for references. Any reputable fencer who can stand on the quality of their work shouldn't hesitate to give you direct contacts. You can consider it a red flag that they may not have done good work or have left other clients unsatisfied if they hesitate to provide such information.

Another good way to check their reputation is through online reviews. There are many online review sites ranging from Google Reviews to Trustpilot. Look the fencing company up on these review sites to see what other clientele have said about their services. If you're lucky, they may even include photos or videos of fences that they've put up.

Professional Experience

According to IBISWorld, the U.S. has over 319,140 fence construction businesses as of 2023. With so many fencing companies in the country, you shouldn't have a problem finding someone with an adequate amount of experience. After all, the more experience any contractor has, especially a professional fencer, the faster they can put your fence up and provide quality service. If they make a mistake during production, they can quickly fix the error and move on. If they charge more than other companies, you may feel more comfortable with their prices since they have the experience and reputation to back it up. The more experience they have, the more they can advise you on the best fences to use for the type of property you have, your needs, and the overall climate.

Strong Expertise

In addition to checking out their experience, you want to have confidence in their level of expertise. In other words, is the fence company extremely skilled at the type of work they market themselves for? While they may have years of experience, have they truly mastered the art of building a quality fence in a way that's competitive with others?

For example, if they work with wrought iron, are you in awe of the beauty they clearly show in the details? When they construct a fence, does it last for decades to come and can it protect the home until it's taken down? Expertise also goes into how well they can advise you on the best materials for your situation.

Great Communication

Your local fencing company should know how to properly communicate with customers. They should be able to explain things to you in layman's terms, especially if you have questions about different materials and how long they last. Your company should listen to you when you're explaining your needs and preferences. If you have meetings set up, they should always show up on time and be prepared to show you how the fencing design is going. When you speak to them on the phone, through e-mail, a chat, or in person, you should feel confident about being able to speak to them and ask them as many questions as possible. You should also feel confident that they're giving you a reputable answer you can trust.

Fair Pricing

You want to feel that you're getting a fair price when you enlist the services of a local fence company. Of course, all fence contractors will not charge the exact same price. That's why it's good to make a comparison by getting at least three different quotes. When you compare quotes from these different companies, you have a better way of assuring that you're getting a relatively fair market price for the services you're asking for. Bear in mind that you should also compare the type of fence services they offer, along with how long they've been in business, with their pricing. In other words, a fencing service that offers wrought iron gates may charge differently than a contractor that only specializes in wood fences.

In addition to gathering three quotes or more, make sure you get written estimates from all of them. With a written estimate, you can go over exactly what you're being charged for. That way, you'll understand how much materials cost versus labor. You can make sure there aren't any hidden fees and ask them to explain things that aren't clear to you. Ask them if the price of the fence project will change if they have to do extra work on the weekends or come back for repairs.

Full Honesty

Do you want to work with a contractor who lies and tries to cheat their customers? Of course not. That's why honesty is an important trait for any fence company to have. You should rest assured that they're being transparent with you not only in terms of pricing but also in terms of the quality of materials they use. They should let you know who and where they source their materials from, especially if you have a preference in terms of local versus national supplies. They should also be transparent about who they have in their crew. Are people properly trained and do they use subcontractors?

Skill Diversity

Finally, what type of work can your fence company provide? While you don't need them to be a jack of all trades, it can help if they can work with a range of fencing materials. After all, a fence can be made from wood, vinyl, iron, and more. If you find a fence company you trust that can work with different materials, you can use them for different projects. Who knows, you may have them build one fence made of one particular material and decide to switch it out later on for a different material. You may want an ornamental iron fence out front but a wooden fence in your backyard, especially around your garden area. Consequently, having one fence company that can cater to different needs at different times can make it easier to manage your home.

As you can see, you should have high standards for any local fence company you choose to work on your home. A quality fence is there to protect your home from intruders. It can also prevent noise pollution and protect your privacy from nosy neighbors. Don't forget about the aesthetic quality a good fence can bring, as it can add to your curb appeal and fit in with your overall home design. Now that you're ready to build a quality fence, you want to ensure you find the right contractor for the job. If you want a local contractor who can work with iron, wood, or vinyl, look no further than our team. Feel free to contact Armor Fence, Deck & Patio anytime for a consultation.

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