Can I Put More Than One Gate in My Fence?

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Armor Fence has been creating high-quality fences, decks, and patios since 1992. And one of the most common questions we hear is if it’s possible to put an extra gate into a fence. The quick answer is yes, it’s possible to have more than one gate.

Do You Need an Extra Gate for Your Property?

Adding more than one gate to your fence is a personal decision. But first, ask yourself if it’s a good choice.

You might decide one gate provides adequate access to your property. However, if you want to access your property from more than one entrance, an extra gate is probably a good choice.

Gate Location

The front yard is the most popular spot for a gate. A front yard gate provides convenient access to the front of your home. With only this one gate, you can also access other areas of your yard. But depending on your property, one gate may not provide sufficient access.

Perhaps you have a large property. And you might need more than one gate to have easier access to the property. Adding a back or a side gate to your fence provides quick access to the rear of your property.

You’ll also have an easier time moving items in and out of your backyard. For instance, if you have a storage shed or outbuilding in the rear of your property, adding an extra gate is a good choice.

Gate Size

Several factors determine the best width and size for the gate. Generally, a slim gate is sufficient in areas where people exit and enter. A wider gate is recommended in areas used for moving equipment or receiving large packages.

Gate Type

There are several options for gate installation. It’s important to choose the type of gate that works best for your property and situation. For instance, you probably wouldn’t want a large estate gate for a small property. Some choices include:

  1. Automatic Gate
  2. Custom-Designed Gate
  3. Steel Gate
  4. Slide Gate
  5. Black Steel Gate
  6. Entry Gate
  7. Estate Gate
  8. Cantilever Gate


Benefits of a Gate

A gate that goes well with your property also adds value to the property. If you ever decide to sell, a nice gate will impress potential buyers. But in addition to looks, a gate is often a matter of safety.

The durability of a gate is just as important as its looks. A gate should withstand certain weather conditions and endure years of use. In some instances, a gate is in place solely for security purposes. In either case, durability is important.

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