Fence Height Restrictions

Fence installation can be a terrific thing for property owners for many invaluable reasons. Installing a fence around your residential property can make it look a lot more eye-catching and polished. Installing one can also boost the privacy factor of your outdoor space considerably. If you're now thinking about possibly installing a fence around your home, however, you have to do plenty of research in advance. That's because there are rules and guidelines that pertain to fence heights. People need to know that there are restrictions that relate to fences that surpass specific heights. If you want your fence installation [...]

February 21, 2019|blogs|

Eight Ideas for Space Underneath a Raised Deck

When a homeowner has a large space under a raised deck, it is possible to use the space for a variety of purposes. Here are some ideas for optimizing this space. Bicycle and Toy Storage If you have children, then using the space underneath the deck for storage of bicycles and toys is a way to keep your lawn neater. When you live in an area with inclement weather, you can enclose the area to protect items from the damages of rain or snow. Storage for Barbecue Equipment While you shouldn't cook food underneath your home’s raised deck, you can [...]

January 22, 2019|blogs, Uncategorized|

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