Simple Care Tips for Your Screened Porch in Ashburn, VA

When properly maintained your clean screened porch will remain a durable, comfortable, and attractive outdoor retreat for the whole family.
Ventilation is essential for preventing mold growth in your screened porch. Even though a screened porch is designed for ventilation, addition air circulation is always beneficial. Keep a standing fan nearby for use during hot, humid days, and after rain. We recommend our clients install a ventilation or exhaust system to draw moisture away from your screened porch interior. While many homeowners shy away from the added expense, it may save your screened porch – and your home – from mold damage.
When you find mold, clean it as soon as possible using a product that contains vinegar and bleach; many commercially sold mold removal products contain both of these, or you can mix your own solution of one-cup bleach, one-half cup vinegar and two gallons of water. Scrub the infected area with the solution, followed by having a fan blowing directly on it to make sure it is thoroughly dry. Dry and clean are everything in any long-lasting screened porch
At least twice a year clean your screened porch from top to bottom. It is helpful to pull things out, see them in the light, and get a chance to get each item really clean. It is a simple, economical way to care for your screened porch to prolong its service life and minimize maintenance costs.


Step 1:
Move everything from the porch into your yard: chairs, tables, potted plants – everything. Drape rugs and floor mats over a fence, railing, or sturdy clothesline to air them.
Step 2:
Using an extendable cleaning tool, sweep cobwebs from high corners, overhangs, fans, lights, the ceiling, screens and shutters.
Step 3:
With a bucket of warm water and bleach or a commercial cleaning product, and a large, soft sponge, carefully wash each piece furniture and all decorative porch objects.
Step 4:
Re-wet the sponge and wipe off all solid surfaces (doors, railings, shutters, sills, frames, metalwork, lights).
Step 5:
If you have a solid floor grab a push broom to sweep leaves, dirt, and twigs off the floor. If there is indoor-outdoor carpeting plug in your vacuum and use the specialty tools to reach corners and crevices.
Step 6:
Use a long-handled scrub brush or a mop, and bucket, to clean the floor.
Step 7:
Once the floor is completely dry, place your furniture, rugs, and plants in a different arrangement. Then get yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and a good book, and relax on your sparkling screened porch.