Search Fence Costs in Fairfax, VA Before You Talk to A Fence Company

Fence installation cost in Fairfax, VA depends on a wide range of factors, including:

  • the fence material you choose
  • the height of the fence
  • how many linear foot of fence you need, and
  • installation labor costs

The most common fence material choices today are chain link, wood, and vinyl. Most people in Fairfax want some combination of privacy and security. Ornamental fencing is available in steel and iron, but both are considerably more expensive.
The size and height will determine in how much fence you need. That, combined with your fence material selection, will make up the biggest components of your fence cost.
Figure out the number of corner posts, line posts, and gates you need. This varies on the number of gates, the distance between each post, and the fence height. Post distances vary between 6, 8, and 10 feet.

Some additional fence cost factors in Fairfax, VA:

  • Add $2-$5 per linear foot to remove an existing fence
  • Fence posts cost $10-$30, depending on material
  • Divide the total linear feet by ten to calculate the total number of posts needed
  • Post caps and brackets average $2.50 each.
  • A gate can cost as little as $250, with a double-wide, vehicle-accessible gate fetching $2,500 or more.
  • A fence contractor estimate is quoted in price per linear foot without separate line items for materials and labor
  • Estimates from licensed, experienced, local fence companies will include all parts and labor in their fence cost estimate
  • Factor in an additional percentage of your fence cost if you have a hilly or obstructed landscape
  • Clearly mark property boundaries and setback lines
  • Know your local zoning requirements
  • Determine where to place your fence line
  • Make sure your fence meets all legal and HOA restrictions and regulations
  • Average fence costs in Fairfax run from $8/linear foot for chain link up to $35 for vinyl fencing, with wood prices landing in between.

Before you contact a fence company do your internet research. Search “fence cost Fairfax, VA” to find customers who have used the same fence installation company, or received superior service from a competitor. There are many digital sources to help in your search to find the best possible fence cost in Fairfax, VA.

Common Questions About Fence Installation in Manassas VA

When you consider installing a new fence, there are basic questions that need thoughtful answers. Here are some common fence installation questions people ask in Manassas and throughout Northern Virginia.

What Permits or Legal Authorizations Do I Need For My Fence?

Northern Virginia zoning regulates all construction, including fence installation. There may be height, location, and design restrictions. Your jurisdiction probably requires a building permit prior to fence installation. If you have a homeowner’s association check those community covenants, which can include legally binding restrictions. Virginia law also requires you phone Miss Utility at 811 to schedule a property survey to identify buried utility lines before digging fence post holes.

Do I Have to Consult My Northern Virginia Neighbors Before My Fence Installation?

Not normally, although letting them know beforehand is considered common courtesy. However, if you plan on your Manassas, VA neighbors sharing fence costs discuss that well in advance. Your local ordinances or homeowner’s association guidelines may require you provide advanced notice to your adjoining neighbors.

What Fence Materials Are Practical?

Fences materials, including wood, composite, wrought iron, chain link and vinyl, each have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Wood fences are typically built by hand with raw lumber. Vinyl fences are pre-manufactured panels installed by sections. Metal fences made of aluminum or steel, can be purchased in chain link rolls or as prefabricated metal panels. Your specific needs and location will determine which material is right for your fence.

Do Most Fences Touch the Ground?

If you are installing your fence to keep pests out or dogs in you may need your fence to be flush with the ground. However, be aware when fences make direct contact with the ground it can increase maintenance requirements. Depending on the fence material it may be exposed to more rapid moisture damage, leading to more frequent care and repair.

How Does Weather Affect Fence Installation?

The weather in Manassas, Virginia can affect your fence installation. High humidity and precipitation has a direct impact on post hole stability and setting concrete. Air temperature outside the acceptable range causes problems with concrete, and can cause instability of your actual fence material, making installation difficult. For that reason your fence installation is best completed during a warm, dry period.

What Height Should My Fence Be?

This depends on the purpose of your fence. A fence designed to contain small pets and children can be 4 feet tall. Privacy fences may need to be above 7 feet tall, while security fences vary from 5 to 7 feet. Decorative or ornamental fences may be only 3 to 4 feet tall.

How Long Will My Northern Virginia Fence Last?

Your fence durability depends on many factors. The material you select, the original coatings, your weather, and regular preventive maintenance all play a part in dictating how long your fence will last. Treated lumber or naturally resistant wood species encourage a longer lifespan for wood fences, while man-made materials such as vinyl, composite, and metal, are more resistant. In any case, your care and maintenance efforts can make a significant difference in the life of your fence.

How Long Does Fence Installation Take in Manassas, VA?

This depends on the fence material, the terrain, the design, and length of your fence. Another big factor is whether you install your own fence or hire a fence company to do the installation. If the weather is favorable and you hire an experienced fence installation company you should have a new fence within three to five days.

Simple Care Tips for Your Screened Porch in Ashburn, VA

When properly maintained your clean screened porch will remain a durable, comfortable, and attractive outdoor retreat for the whole family.
Ventilation is essential for preventing mold growth in your screened porch. Even though a screened porch is designed for ventilation, addition air circulation is always beneficial. Keep a standing fan nearby for use during hot, humid days, and after rain. We recommend our clients install a ventilation or exhaust system to draw moisture away from your screened porch interior. While many homeowners shy away from the added expense, it may save your screened porch – and your home – from mold damage.
When you find mold, clean it as soon as possible using a product that contains vinegar and bleach; many commercially sold mold removal products contain both of these, or you can mix your own solution of one-cup bleach, one-half cup vinegar and two gallons of water. Scrub the infected area with the solution, followed by having a fan blowing directly on it to make sure it is thoroughly dry. Dry and clean are everything in any long-lasting screened porch
At least twice a year clean your screened porch from top to bottom. It is helpful to pull things out, see them in the light, and get a chance to get each item really clean. It is a simple, economical way to care for your screened porch to prolong its service life and minimize maintenance costs.


Step 1:
Move everything from the porch into your yard: chairs, tables, potted plants – everything. Drape rugs and floor mats over a fence, railing, or sturdy clothesline to air them.
Step 2:
Using an extendable cleaning tool, sweep cobwebs from high corners, overhangs, fans, lights, the ceiling, screens and shutters.
Step 3:
With a bucket of warm water and bleach or a commercial cleaning product, and a large, soft sponge, carefully wash each piece furniture and all decorative porch objects.
Step 4:
Re-wet the sponge and wipe off all solid surfaces (doors, railings, shutters, sills, frames, metalwork, lights).
Step 5:
If you have a solid floor grab a push broom to sweep leaves, dirt, and twigs off the floor. If there is indoor-outdoor carpeting plug in your vacuum and use the specialty tools to reach corners and crevices.
Step 6:
Use a long-handled scrub brush or a mop, and bucket, to clean the floor.
Step 7:
Once the floor is completely dry, place your furniture, rugs, and plants in a different arrangement. Then get yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and a good book, and relax on your sparkling screened porch.

Create Dry Space for Double the Outdoor Pleasure With Composite Decks in Springfield, VA

Composite decks in Springfield, VA are all the rage. The extreme popularity is easy to understand. With low maintenance – no sanding, staining or sealing, and extended lifespans, what is not to like? Contemporary composite decks are fade-resistant and stand up to mold, decay, rot, and warping. They never splinter or split and are of no use to common insect pests. Manufactured in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles, and now available with hidden fastener systems, composite decks in Springfield are simple to build and easy to enjoy.


Exterior composite products are manufactured of virgin or recycled plastic and wood, ground to a fiber and fused by resins in high-pressure molds. The resulting composite is a weather-resistant, durable, lightweight construction material just perfect for use in outdoor construction. Over time the strength and consistency of these composite products has improved tremendously, and it’s versatility is transforming the design and construction of decks throughout Northern Virginia.
According to certified master inspector C. Dwight Barnett in Evansville, IN, plan to use pressure-treated lumber (PTL) for your deck in foundational areas that require strength and durability. All decks, whether the surface is made of wood or a plastic wood composite, need the safety and support of PTL. But composite surfaces, railings, trim, and accessories remain the top choice for decks in Springfield and throughout Northern Virginia.


Planning your composite deck design details, materials, patterns, and accessories before you build a deck is a simple, cost-effective way to create purposeful, dedicated outdoor spaces. As you explore composite deck materials consider a combination of outdoor spaces and structures to create your unique outdoor living environment. Build a deck with a patio, or a deck with a screened porch. Use outdoor structures such as pergolas, gazebos, and arbors to introduce visual diversity, provide shade, and encourage transparent transitional areas between the indoors and outdoors.
An especially helpful and extremely cost-effective method to increase your usable outdoor space is investing in an under deck drainage system. These systems gather and direct water from between your planks. Simply put, it turns the lower level under your deck into a patio for additional leisure and storage space. Creating usable dry space under your deck not only expands your livable outdoor space, it also provides the ultimate weather protection for the support structure of your composite deck.
There are many reasons to double your outdoor space with a dry deck drainage system for composite decks in Springfield, VA. Give Armor Fence a call if you need professional assistance in planning or designing your new composite deck in Springfield.

Why Include Under Deck Drainage Systems when Building Wood Decks in Northern Virginia?

When you begin to plan your wood deck, think of how to maximize each possible outdoor living space. Including functional design elements when planning wood decks in Northern Virginia can create multiple distinct spaces. On the deck surface smart accessories, strategic lighting, attractive finishes and guardrails set the main level apart. Cascading to the ground multiple tiers of wood decking invite you to enjoy cooking, dining, and relaxing in the great outdoors. Down below, beneath the open air, sits a separate, covered living space. If designed with intent, it can be your bonus space – a private screened porch, a casual patio or a covered porch that transitions into a landscaped Eden.
Install dry deck drainage and the result is a sheltered virgin space underneath wood decks in Northern Virginia. A proper ceiling material reflects and intensifies natural light – enhancing the space below, keeping it dry, and helping to safely redirect water runoff from the upper surfaces of your home and away from the foundation.
A complete dry deck drainage system can typically be installed and completed in a few days under any deck. Both existing and new construction wood decks in Northern Virginia are eligible candidates for an under deck drainage system. They provide a wide range of features and benefits that offer tremendous value for your Northern Virginia home, including:

  • Extends the existing property drainage system
  • Protects the extended healthy life of wood decks
  • Adds a cooler, shaded oasis in warm weather
  • Increases flexible living space
  • Provides a supplemental entertainment area

Consisting of a waterproof membrane installed just under the decking above the frame, the deck drainage system employs a channel system that directs water to the perimeter gutters and away from your home. Various reputable companies manufacture under deck drainage systems for installation during deck construction or as a retrofit. Check the manufacturer’s requirements when choosing materials for wood decks in Northern Virginia to verify the under deck-drainage system you choose works with their products.
No matter how you look at it, an under deck drainage system in Northern Virginia is a good investment. Home resale values show curb appeal and outdoor living rank high on a buyer’s list of desired features. Building wood decks in Northern Virginia with under deck-drainage systems doubles your outdoor living enjoyment at a fraction of the cost of other improvements.
Why include under deck drainage systems when building wood decks in Northern Virginia? It adds living space – both on your wood deck in Northern Virginia, and in the bonus space below – that you can comfortably enjoy with family and friends every day at home.

Tips for Working With A Deck Contractor in Arlington, VA

So you made the decision to build a deck at your Arlington home. It may seem overwhelming at first – so many choices and questions – but a little preparation on your part will go a long way to keeping you organized and energized throughout your deck project.
Before you select a licensed, experienced deck contractor, take the time to get your thoughts in order and you better able to anticipate and participate in your deck planning and design process.
Deck builders in Arlington, VA will follow certain procedures, and the best will educate you along the way.

Follow these simple tips to stay organized and efficient while planning your new deck:

  1. Make two copies of the legal plat for your property with current boundary lines.
  2. Bookmark webpage portals to Arlington County zoning codes.
  3. Reference your homeowner’s association covenants as they may apply.
  4. Make a manilla file for:
    • deck builders
    • deck design
    • deck materials
    • legal documents
    • landscaping
  5. Use the folder as your master record, stapling business cards, recording names and phone numbers, websites, instructions and your critical notes, all in one place.
  6. Research the myriad deck design and configuration ideas available on the internet. Print your favorites to review with your deck contractor.
  7. Take advantage of free online deck planning apps, such as the Trex visualizer and deck designer. They are like video games for homeowners, giving you preliminary, personalized deck design information to discuss with your deck builders.
  8. Investigate deck construction materials. Understand their pros and cons, and keep long-range maintenance in mind.
  9. Dedicate a spiral notebook to your deck project. Keep a chronological log of conversations, understandings, next steps and project milestones.


If you have questions, or are ready to take the next step with a professional deck contractor that has built thousands of decks over the past 32 years, give Hal Co a call. Our decks are flawlessly constructed and designed to complement your homes unique exterior architecture. We work with you and for you, ensuring that you get the best possible deck value in Arlington, VA for your investment. Take the next step. Make Hal CO your deck contractor.

Top Reasons to Invest in a Quality Fence in Northern Virginia

Regardless of the location or size of your property, or the style and materials you select, fences provide essential functions in our landscape. While there are many reasons to invest in a quality fence in Northern Virginia, here are some of the more popular ones.

6 Reasons

  1. Set property line boundaries in Northern Virginia
    The original reason for erecting fences is still quite viable. Many people use fencing in Northern Virginia to establish the boundaries of their property and to create a visible barrier between their homes and their neighbors.
  2. Create privacy
    When you are at home you want privacy, not intrusion from noise, neighbors, traffic, or anyone walking by. Privacy is the number one factor most cited by people purchasing and installing fences in Northern Virginia.
  3. Child and animal safety
    Children and pets are unpredictable, and fast. We turn our backs, and they’re into something else. The greater the level of activity in and around your home, the more grateful you’ll be for a life-saving fence. Fences in Northern Virginia are vital to the safety and well-being of our kids and animals.
  4. Safeguard water features
    If you have water on or near your property – a pool, stream, pond, or other open water source, you need a fence. Northern Virginia homeowners need to check with their local zoning office and their homeowners association agreement before planning a fence installation. Some jurisdictions have restrictions and regulations pertinent to fencing in their communities.
  5. Add beauty
    A fence adds appeal and beauty to your home. Use it as a stand-alone feature, like a classic white picket fence, or to enhance an overall landscape design theme. Fences can add an instant backdrop for your gardens or a foundation for climbing vines.
  6. Add property value
    Think of your Northern Virginia fence as an investment. An attractive, well-built fence adds value to your property. Choosing a beautiful design with timeless materials can help you recoup the fence cost in your sales price should you sell the property.

Researching and installing a high-quality fence is a worthwhile investment for all these reasons. Choose top-grade materials and commit yourself to preventive maintenance and your fence in Northern Virginia can perform well for 15-20 years.

Cleaning and Protecting Decks in Northern Virginia

Decks in Northern Virginia are exposed to the elements around the clock. Ultraviolet rays affect chemical molecules. Wind is the engine of motion and friction. Oxygen accelerates the deterioration processes, while water, heat, and ice work to destroy wood, sealers, and preservatives. All of natures forces work on your deck in Northern Virginia every minute of every day. This is why it is important to take regular cleaning and protecting measures.
This is why regular cleaning and maintenance are so vital to the look, safety and longevity of your deck. Everyone understands its a hassle, but we also know the value of a couple more years of safely enjoying your deck.
When you clean your deck, we recommend you bypass power washing. The extreme force and concentrated pressure of water can act like a tropical storm, eroding weaker, distressed wood already in your deck. Why risk unnecessary deck damage? Using oxygenated bleach to clean your deck gives you better results and protects the integrity of your deck.
Once your Northern Virginia deck is clean and dry, its time to seal and protect the wood. Tim Carter writes the popular Ask The Builder feature for the Chicago Tribune. He did an extensive year-long test of wood sealers with wood species most commonly used when building a deck. He was surprised at the wide disparity of performance between both products and woods. His results confirm its best to consult with a professional before selecting the wrong product for your wood deck.

There are three types of sealants used on exterior wood decks according to Tom Silva of This Old House: water repellent, wood preservative, and a product that combines the two.

A water repellent is a wood finish that penetrates the wood with oils or waxes to prevent the wood from absorbing liquid and swelling your deck. Water repellent prevents unwanted growth of molds and other pests that discolor and degrade wood. A water repellent treatment can increase wood stability and reduce cracking, splitting and warping. It requires reapplication to bare wood every year or two.
Wood preservatives contain pesticides, so their use is legally regulated by the EPA. A wood preservative kills fungi and insects that damage wood decks. Handle and dispose of wood preservative products carefully, following all label instructions.
Water-repellent wood preservatives should be applied to all sides of a piece of wood before painting or staining. These products provide long-term protection against wood decay. Reapplication is needed only after the exterior coating fails.
Proper cleaning and protection makes for savings and prolongs safe enjoyment of decks in Northern Virginia.

Experienced Deck Company

Why Choose an Experienced, Local Deck Contractor in Manassas, VA

So you made the decision to invest in a deck. Now the most crucial decision is hiring an experienced deck contractor in Manassas, VA to construct a deck that meets the highest construction standards as well as your budget and needs. You know not all decks are built the same, but how do you choose the deck contractor that will deliver the best performance and produce a custom deck that meets your needs and specifications?
Determine your personal criteria for working with a deck contractor in Manassas, VA. Make sure the contractor you select satisfies these factors before your begin your project. Recommendations from family, friends and associates for a proven deck contractor in Manassas, VA are a good place to start. Also, ask candidates for copies of insurance coverage, a current business license, and any relevant certifications, memberships, or manufacturer training. When you get client references make sure to contact them. They are your only source of first-hand information you can’t find anywhere else.

Only a professional deck contractor in Northern Virginia knows the local regulations and building code that ensure your project meets municipal zoning laws and any homeowners association covenants to produce a well-designed, durable deck at a reasonable cost. Another benefit of choosing an experienced deck contractor in Manassas, VA – protecting your product warranty.

When you purchase deck materials, the manufacturer requires installation be completed in strict adherence to their instructions. With continuing manufacturer training and regular efforts to stay ahead of technology, the certified deck installers at Armor Fence are highly-educated, field-tested master craftsmen who apply every resource at their disposal to build your deck to the highest professional standards.
Working with a team of deck contractors in Manassas with years of professional experience is vital to the safe, worry-free, long-lasting enjoyment of your deck. every time someone steps foot on your deck, you will know you made the right choice.
When you hire Armor Fence, you hire a team of skilled construction professionals who strive to build a deck that exceeds your expectations. If you need an experienced deck contractor in Manassas, VA, call the local deck builders at Armor Fence.


Professional Fence Company in Ashburn, VA Delivers More Than Just A Quality Fence

If you are planning to install a new fence at your property this year, choose a dedicated fence company in Ashburn, VA with the technical skills and industry know-how to efficiently deliver a quality fencing product that meets the manufacturer’s installation specifications, any homeowner association requirements, and local and state building codes.
While you can certainly save money installing your fence yourself, long-term performance, warranty conditions, and appropriate legal regulations depend wholly on the professional ability of the fence installer. You see, a fence company in Ashburn, VA delivers much more than a new fence. Three things that should be focused on are:

  • properly setting the fence
  • legally constructed
  • protection for your investment

For property owners in Ashburn Village, Carisbrooke, Broadlands, Loudoun Valley Estates, Timberbrooke, or any of the other neighborhood communities in Ashburn, VA, your fence may need community association approval prior to installation. The homeowners association covenants ensure your property improvements, including fences, are constructed in accordance with state statutes, including the Virginia Condominium Act, Virginia Property Owners Act, and the Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act.

An experienced, reputable fence company in Ashburn, VA will not only be familiar with these regulations and requirements, they can guide you through the sometimes complex approval and permitting process.

While there are many reputable fence companies in Northern Virginia, focus on selecting the right fence company for the particular fence you want along with the fence contractors business credentials.
Most importantly, do your homework. Determine your criteria for working with a fence contractor in Ashburn. Make sure they satisfy these factors before your begin planning your project. Recommendations from friends and associates for a proven fence contractor in Northern Virginia are a good first step. Also, obtain copies of insurance coverage, a current business license, and verify relevant certifications, memberships, or manufacturer training. When you get client references make sure to contact them. They are your only source of first-hand information about that fence company in Ashburn, VA you can’t find anywhere else.
We have all heard nightmare stories of friends and colleagues who hire home contractors that not only fall short, but can turn your improvement project into a colossal headache. To avoid this, zero in on little things, like change orders, on-site supervision, use of subcontractors, ease of communication, and available post-installation services. You want to make sure that you can not only depend on your fence contractor in Ashburn, VA, but enjoy the experience as well.