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Good Fences- And Good Neighbors!

Whenever you decide to install an attractive Armor aluminum, vinyl, steel, wood, or chain link fence, this structure will enhance the appearance of your home or business in exciting ways! Particularly if you decide to fence the perimeter of your property for the first time, it usually makes sense to share your decision in a friendly way with your neighbors in advance. They’ll notice the fencing, and checking with adjoining property owners first often promotes smoother installation and maintenance.
We’d like to offer a few suggestions for useful topics to discuss with neighbors about fence issues. The old saying: “Good fences make good neighbors!” still holds a lot of truth today. Communicating with other local people about this subject helps create more harmonious neighborhoods.
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The Opportunities Under Your Deck

When you add a deck to the exterior of your home, you are doing more than just giving yourself a place for enjoying the outdoors. The value of your home benefits, and the amount of space you have to work with increases. However, don’t miss one of the greatest opportunities you get from installing a deck; if you don’t make use of the area below the floor of your structure, you are cheating yourself of valuable square footage.
What you do with the under-deck area depends on the distance of your deck from the ground. Although the most opportunities for creativity come with a raised deck, a deck joined to a ground-level floor is not without its own merit.
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Picking the Right Fence with Pets

Homeowners with pets tend to want two basic things when looking for a fence. The first one is a fence that will safely keep their beloved “family member” in the yard. The other thing is a fence that’s actually an enhancement or complement to their landscape and exterior features. If you’re in the process of choosing a fence that meets both of these requirements, here are some factors you’ll want to consider.

Size of Your Pet
Smaller dogs and other household pets often have a knack for getting through fence posts where there’s a gap that’s large enough for them to make their escape. Even if fence posts aren’t spaced wide enough for a clean getaway, there’s always the risk that a determined pet could get stuck.
One way to prevent issues like this with small pets is with vinyl or aluminum fencing that has smaller spacing between posts. Another option is a solid wood fence with no gaps at all that’s firmly secured into the ground. Not only will you have no gaps, you’ll also enjoy privacy in the area where your pets normally roam, which is a good thing for the humans who like to hang out there, too.
For larger pets, fence height is important. You can opt for any type of fence if you have a large dog. Just make sure it’s high enough to prevent them from jumping over the fence when something on the other side catches their attention.
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Prepping Your Deck for Winter

Winter weather can be harsh on your deck, and proper maintenance is key to preventing damage. By following these simple steps, you can protect your deck from rain, snow and ice, so you’ll be able to enjoy the outside of your home come spring.

Clean Your Deck

First, sweep your deck to remove dirt, leaves, and other debris, and use a putty knife to clean the spaces between the boards. Next you’ll need to clean the surface boards. Use a scrub brush to remove mildew, algae, dirt, and rust. Specialty deck cleaners are available, but you can make your own by mixing together equal parts of warm water and bleach.
It’s a good idea to remove any planters, as moisture can build up and lead to the development of mildew. If possible, store your patio furniture someplace dry, like your garage. Should you need to leave some pieces out, remove any pillows or cushions, and consider purchasing outdoor furniture covers. A cover can also protect your grill from winter weather damage.
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Composite Decking

Done with Wood Deck Maintenance? Check out Composite Decking for Your Next Project
A well-constructed deck immediately adds beauty, value, and appeal to your home. There is nothing like enjoying a summer evening with friends on your very own piece of paradise. What happens, though, when the wood in your deck begins fading, cracking, and rotting? Or how about when you’d prefer to enjoy laying back and sipping a lemonade, but instead have to spend hours cleaning, staining, and protecting your deck? Suddenly, this relaxing addition to your home becomes a big headache and a mountain of work. If you want to keep your deck as the relaxing centerpiece it deserves to be, though, composite decking may be just the answer.
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Choosing Between Porch and Deck Installation

There are so many things you can do to jazz up the appearance of your outdoor space. There are many things you can do to improve the functionality of your outdoor setting as well. If you’re thinking about making a significant home improvement, porches and decks may be on your mind. Porch and deck installation both introduce their own specific advantages. If you’re trying to decide between investing in a porch or a deck, knowledge is power.
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DIY Fence

DIY Fence Installation: You May Spend a Small Fortune!

Have you seen ads promoting do-it-yourself fence installation recently? Armor Fence stands behind our high quality products. We offer qualified installation services for all the chain link, wood, vinyl, and ornamental steel and aluminum fencing products we sell.
Our commitment to furnishing excellent customer service requires us to make installation services available. While DIY fencing projects sometimes appear less expensive at first glance, in truth installing your own fence may involve considerably more costs than you initially anticipate. Just consider some cautionary issues:
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Wood and PVC Deck Benefits

Great Options in Decking Materials

It can be a lot of fun to invest in deck installation for your residential property. A deck can be a wonderful and worthy addition to any home. People can entertain guests on their decks in times of warm and pleasant weather. They can head to their decks whenever they want to take it easy and stare at the beauty of nature as well. If you want your deck installation project to be a success, however, you need to make sure you focus on the right kind of material. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and wood decks alike are popular these days. It can sometimes be difficult to choose between these beloved materials. That’s why you first need to assess all the things that make both materials stand out. Doing so can help you with the complex decision-making process.
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