fence for home security

How Security Fences Broaden Your Safety

We all want our homes to be safe and protected at all times. Safety and security are some of the most common issues for homeowners. One of the best ways to ensure safety and increase your home’s security is by installing a security fence. Installing fences is not just about marking where your property starts and ends. It’s also a good way to repel burglar attacks.

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Decking Safety

Safety Checks For Your Deck

A deck is one of the additions to your home that will boost your home’s appeal and add functionality. However, since it is also located outside your home, it receives a constant beating from the external environment. Constant Northern VA weather, which includes rain, snow, and heat of the sun, plus foot traffic, may contribute to its premature wear and tear; and put your family at risk of accidents caused by its early damage.  Continue reading “Safety Checks For Your Deck”

pool fence

Building A Pool? Then You’ll Need A Fence

Swimming pools are a great place to have fun and beat the summer heat for adults and children. However, our idea of fun splashing time could end up a tragedy, especially for unattended children. Did you know that a report from the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention states that there are about 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings every year in the US from 2005 to2014; that is about ten deaths per day.  Continue reading “Building A Pool? Then You’ll Need A Fence”

fence footing_split rail fence

Bad Fence Footing

One way to protect your property, such as your home, is to install a fence. A properly constructed fence can give your home protection against forced entry, vandalism, and even from uninvited guests such as wild animals. If you have kids, having a fence can ensure that your kids will be protected from the danger lurking outside. It can also serve as a barrier for your pets, so they don’t get out and get lost. It can also offer privacy against prying eyes and also enhance your property’s curb appeal.

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wooden fence installation

New Year, New Fence

A new year has begun. For some people, going into the New Year means the opportunity to start over again or correct their mistakes. Some also find this time to be the perfect opportunity to upgrade or replace things, especially in their homes. During the New Year, home improvement projects become a common plan. One of the most common projects during the New Year is getting a new fence.

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wooden fence

Durability of a Wooden Fence

Finding a good fence to secure your property can be overwhelming with the many options available today. If you have come across this page, you may be considering a wooden material for your fence. Wood is a popular choice by many homeowners for their fence, mainly because of its price, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Apart from that, a wooden fence can also provide you the privacy you need, keep your children and pets safe within your property, and even help block strong winds and noise from the busy street outside. 

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fencing for pets

Fence Solutions For Your 4 Legged Friend

Nowadays, when we have pets at home, we don’t just consider them as mere pets. Instead, we treat them as a part of the family; we care for them like we usually do to our family members. If possible, we want them to be safe and healthy always. However, like the curious and playful beings that they are, they love to run around your yard and even escape the confines of your perimeter. As their fur-parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that they remain safe within the four corners of your yard. 

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