chain link fence

Why the Chain Link Fence is a Homeowners First Choice in Centreville, VA

Here’s why homeowners love a chain link fence in Centreville, VA. Chain link fencing is an American innovation born of simple brilliance – a classic product with many benefits at an affordable price.
The first chain link fencing was installed in 1841. Since then, these fences have remained popular as an inexpensive alternative to wood. Longer-lasting with less maintenance, they are also much easier to install. The main posts stand up easily buried in dirt or anchored in cement. Chain link is manufactured in rolls and panels that can be custom cut, then stretched across posts where they are attached using wires. A gate is added wherever an access point is needed, which is another simple reason a chain link fence is so versatile. Attach wheels to the bottom of a moving gate pole and the gate remains wide enough for large equipment to smoothly roll through.
With a colorful, vinyl coated chain link fence you can also color-coordinate your new fence with the architectural elements of your home. You can design your fence to blend in with your surroundings. Unlike wooden fences, a chain link fence in Centreville, VA requires next to no maintenance, except for occasionally scrubbing off minor rust spots.
Offering high visibility, this type of fence allows you to be absolutely positive your children and family pets are safely contained. A chain link fence in Centreville, VA is a smart choice to easily see what’s going on within any enclosed space, whether securing a pool, marking property boundaries or smaller areas of containment. Small areas can be enclosed with chain link fencing to keep children and pets in or out. Dog kennels and exercise areas in all sizes can be constructed easily and inexpensively using chain link fencing.
Expect a new chain link fence to last over 20 years or more if higher-quality materials were used. A new fence today generally has a 5 to 15 year manufacturers warranty covering everything from structural problems to cosmetic issues. For more information on chain link fencing visit Today’s Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute or contact the chain link fence experts at Armor Fence.

We have experience with thousands of fences in Northern Virginia, and when it comes to installing a new chain link fence in Centreville, VA, Armor Fence will help you discover your distinct chain link fence style:

  • This fence is more gracefully versatile after adding vinyl or wood slats for the look of a whole new fence.
  • Add color and beauty to any landscape setting while blocking less pleasant surroundings.
  • Shape a subtle or stunning backdrop for a landscape focal point.
  • Create layered privacy for your pool or outdoor entertainment area.

Call the professional fence contractors at Armor Fence about how to plan your new chain link fence in Centreville, VA.

Wood Decks

Choosing Wood for Decks in Northern Virginia

The original and most popular decking choice by far, natural wood decks in Northern Virginia are strong, attractive, readily available and easy to install. While they can look mistakenly similar, wood decks in Northern Virginia display an extraordinary variety of species, design, features and styles.
Custom wood decks add aesthetic appeal, outdoor utility, entertainment space, and overall real estate value to your home. Innovative wood deck design, top quality materials, and exceptional craftsmanship help create beautiful wood decks in Northern Virginia that will last for 20 or more years. Here are some of the wood species and types commonly used to construct wood decks:

Pressure Treated Wood Decks Are Most Common

Pressure Treated Wood (PTW) lasts on average around 15 years. PTW is least expensive and therefore, the most common type of decking in the country. Most PTW is from Southern yellow pine, which is known to splinter if not maintained. When working around pressure treated wood, always use gloves, wear a mask, and never burn it. The toxic chemicals used to treat the wood to prevent rot and termites can be harmful to humans. These chemicals are highly corrosive, so use only stainless steel fasteners for the safest results.

Tropical Hardwoods for Wood Decks in Northern Virginia

Dense and durable, tropical hardwoods are rich in color and organically resistant to insects and decay. Prized for their longevity, about 25 years, they are also expensive, heavy, and hard to work with. Avoid dark woods and finishes if your deck is exposed to daytime sun because it can be dangerously hot. Tropical hardwoods include such species as Brazilian Ipe, Cambara, Golden Ironwood and Red Balau.

Cedar and Redwoods Offer Natural Protection

These woods contain natural defenses against rot and insects, lasting around 20 years. Regular application of sun-blocking finishes will protect against natural weatherization. Softer woods, they can be damaged by heavily-trafficked daily use.

All wood decks in Northern Virginia can rot, splinter, and warp. Even though all wood naturally weathers to gray, it should be cleaned annually and re-stained or sealed every two to three years to keep it looking good and performing at its best.
For finely-crafted wood decks in Washington, DC look to the professionals at Armor Fence, professionals in the deck building business for nearly 20 years in the Washington DC metro area. When you hire Armor Fence, you hire a team of skilled construction experts who strive to build a wood deck that exceeds your expectations.