Deck Design Ideas To Enhance Your Arlington, VA Garden

Building a deck on your Northern Virginia property is about more than simply finding a location and putting some boards in place. Instead, when constructed properly and placed in the right location, your deck design can become a new outdoor living space utilized to enjoy all of your outdoor hobbies – such as gardening.
Stepping outside your Arlington, VA home onto a freshly constructed deck changes not only the appearance of your home, but also the appeal of the home to visitors and future homebuyers. Creating an attractive, relaxing seating area encompassed by your personal touches such as plants, planters, furniture and lighting, provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and do so comfortably.


Consider the location of your deck before you think about anything else associated with it. That’s right, even before you think about the budget or the materials to be used, think about where the perfect location first. Assess your property and decide what you would like the focal point to be. For example, if you have a backyard swimming pool perhaps that is where you would like to focus your attention while sitting on your Falls Church, VA deck. Or, if you have a flower or vegetable garden, what better place to sit-back, relax, and admire the fruits of your labor than a deck?

End Results:

The material used to construct your new deck should compliment your home, rather than acts as a distraction or eyesore. Think about the look of your home for a moment. If you strive to achieve a rustic or romantic feel with the overall look of your property, perhaps a wood deck stained with a soft shade is perfect for your needs. However, if your home is more of a contemporary style, you may want to consider investing in a composite deck instead.Composite decking material offers the same benefits of traditional wood, with added perks as well. The look and feel is yours to create, limited only by your imagination.
For more information on how to incorporate a new deck design onto your Northern Virginia property, contact our decking professionals at Armor Fence Co. With more than 20 years experience in the field, we build decks of all shapes, sizes and materials throughout the Arlington, VA area with confidence and skill.

Commonly Asked Questions About Decks From Arlington, VA Homeowners

When you have a question about decks in the Northern Virginia area, you have come to the right place. The fence and deck experts at Armor Fence Co have put their heads together and created a list of frequently asked questions about decks in the Arlington, VA area. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. After all, an informed decision is the best possible outcome for our customers.


Our deck does not need to be completely replaced, can we work to save parts of it?

Deck remodeling is based on a number of factors, but simply put, we can certainly try. Working with our customers to meet budget requirements sometimes requires us to look for new ways to complete the deck project safely, using portions of the existing structure. Our deck contractors work with homeowners throughout the Fairfax, Chantilly and Arlington, VA area to create the deck of your dreams, on your budget as well.

I want something more than a standard rectangular deck, do you design custom decks as well?

We work with customers all throughout Northern Virginia, including Dulles, Dunn Loring, Haymarket and Arlington, VA to create the ideal deck for their needs. Our deck designers know you want something that is uniquely yours, and we can make that happen. In fact, we also construct screened porches and patios that can easily be incorporated into your deck building design.

I don’t have a lot of time; do you offer any low maintenance decking materials?

We know Northern Virginia homeowners are busy people and we are proud to offer many types of composite decking materials that require little to no maintenance. Utilizing our skills to create the perfect backyard deck, patio or screened porch combination, we can easily accommodate your desire for perfection without the time commitment. Satisfied customers in Vienna,Reston, Clifton and Arlington, VA have learned the team at Armor Fence Co delivers a quality product, on-time and on-budget that exceed their expectations.
For more information on how we can turn your backyard into a virtual vacation with a deck, patio or screened porch, contact our experts today and turn your dreams into a vacation right in Northern Virginia.

Baby Proof Porch

Tips to Baby-Proof Your Woodbridge, VA Screened Porch

Your Northern Virginia home is now complete with a screened porch that your family can enjoy throughout the year in a variety of ways. With these baby proofing tips in place, your screened porch will be enjoyed by all with no more worry than you had inside the four walls of your Falls Church, VA home.


  • Ask your builder or contractor about child proof and tamper proof screens. These screens look the same as other types of screens used in screened porches, but will not sway or bend when pushed on. As soon as the little one gets his legs moving, the screens will be pushed on. This also comes in handy with pets who may push up against the screen or sun themselves and lean against the screen.
  • Consult with the builder about the amount of space between each of the screens. The wood framework should be approximately 24 inches apart to keep the screens taut and in place.
  • Use metal frames for the screens rather than wood frames, especially with small children. The metal frames tend to be sturdier and will withstand the (unintentional) abuse of small children better.
  • Use self-closing and locking mechanisms on the doors to prevent children from letting themselves out of the door and out of the house. These are typically more heavy duty than storm doors and will provide a safer way of keeping the kids corralled.
  • Always make sure electrical outlets inside your Arlington, VA screened porch are protected from moisture and small children. Outlet covers are a very inexpensive way to keep fingers, toys and other objects that do not belong in outlets away from danger.

When you consider building a screened porch onto your Northern Virginia home, contact the team of experts at Armor Fence. Our dedication to quality products and customer service is unmatched.

Commonly Asked Questions About Residential Chain Link Fences for Your Herndon, VA Home

Homeowners in Northern Virginia considering their options for fencing often have many questions, and sometimes so many they are unsure where they should start. We put our thinking caps on and put together this list of frequently asked questions we receive from homeowners in Herndon, VA and throughout the Northern Virginia region, to help make your decision to choose – or not to choose – a chain link fence for your property.

Are all chain link fences created equal – are they all made of the same materials?

Chain link fencing is made of four basic elements – fabric, framework, fittings and gages. The biggest difference between the chain link fence on your property and that on your Herndon, VA neighbor’s property is the way those pieces are put together. Homeowners have the option to choose from a variety of different weights – or gauges – and types of protective coatings, but other than that, all chain link fences are nearly equal.

What is the most common type of coating on chain link fences?

You probably know you have a variety of options when choosing the materials for your chain link fence, but the most commonly used type of coating is galvanized, or zinc. Other options for coating the chain link fence on your Herndon, VA property include vinyl and polyester color coatings. The other types of coatings allow for color treatments that blend with the landscaping on your property such as trees, shrubs and bushes. These types of coating also provide extra protection against corrosion, rust and damage from the elements.

What do I need to know about the gauge of the chain link fence?

The gauge, or diameter, of the chain link fence is perhaps the most important factor to consider. The gauge number indicates the amount of steel used to actually made the chain link fence material. The smaller the gauge number, the more steel was used, the stronger the fence and the higher quality product it is.

If you have additional questions about installing a chain link fence on your Herndon, VA property, contact Northern Virginia’s fencing experts at Armor Fence today.

Commonly Asked Questions About Vinyl Fences From Reston VA Homeowners

When people throughout the Northern Virginia area, including Arlington VA, think about fences for their property, most automatically think of wood or chain link fences based on previous experience and tradition. But, when considering the additional options available in today’s market, these homeowners may change their opinion. One of the newest types of fence is vinyl fencing, but since most people know very little – or nothing – about vinyl fencing, we put together this list of frequently asked questions about vinyl fencing to help you out.

What Is Vinyl Fencing Constructed Of?

Commonly known as PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a compound made with a high level of Titanium Dioxide that enables the material to keep its color longer while remaining quite strong and resistant. The combination of materials is light resistance and can withstand the constant exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, as well as the other natural weather elements that come into play in Arlington VA and all of Northern Virginia. The materials used to make vinyl fencing are very similar to those used to make other vinyl products, such as vinyl siding and vinyl windows, and has a longstanding history of providing long-lasting durability.

What Colors Does Vinyl Fencing Come In?

Most vinyl fences are constructed in either white or almond, perfect to match the exterior of your home and compliment the surroundings. The titanium dioxide – the product used to make the vinyl fencing keep its color and texture – is white, which makes tinting it to dark shades difficult. Since dark colors attract the sun and heat which could ultimately lead to warping or other sun damage, manufacturers have chosen to remain true to the material and produce vinyl fencing in these light colors.

Is a Vinyl Fence Fire Resistant?

The materials used to construct a vinyl fence around your Northern Virginia home are in fact fire resistant. PVC has a fire point temperature of 900 degrees, making it unlikely to burn – especially since it does not ignite easily. Also, vinyl fencing is considered “self-extinguishing” meaning it will not continue to burn if it is set afire.
For more information on how to use vinyl fencing around your Arlington VA or Northern Virginia property, contact our vinyl fence experts at Armor Fence Co. today.

Benefit Fence

Benefits of a Wooden Privacy Fence For Your Fairfax, VA Home

Even though many homeowners in the Fairfax, VA and the rest of Northern Virginia area think the benefits of a fence around their property are obvious, some may not be as obvious as you would think. Choosing a wood privacy fence to surround your entire property or even just a small portion like your prized rose garden, provides added benefits over other types of fencing.


A wooden privacy fence on your Fairfax, VA property protects your family, pets and plants from unwanted intruders. Preventing strangers and would-be criminals from seeing inside your home is the first line of defense against theft and intrusion. Keeping prying eyes from peering inside your home also provides privacy in areas where homes are constructed close together and you may not feel as secluded as you would like.
Other benefits of a wooden privacy fence on your Fairfax, VA property include tradition, appearance and maintenance factors. When choosing a fence for your property, your options are vast. Choosing the right type of fence for your personal preference is another story, and should be based on factors other than the price tag.
Modern fence designs offer some of the same benefits, but the tradition of a wooden privacy fence is unmatched. This traditional material – wood – complements nearly any style home and will look as though it is part of the landscape rather than an intrusive manufactured material.Wood fencing is the standard in home privacy fences which most others are compared.
The appearance of a wood privacy fence is another benefit. A wood privacy fence can be built of a variety of different colors and textures, making it truly yours. Blending the fence with other aspects of your landscaping and outdoor entertaining fixtures such as a deck or gazebo is a piece of cake. Privacy fences can also be stained, so if you choose to change the color of the fence when you change the color of your home, deck or gazebo that can be done easily as well.

Other types:

Other types of fences, such as metal chain link fences or ornamental wrought iron fences, can corrode and show their age. When a wood privacy fence begins to show signs of age and wear, simply refinishing the wood surface will make it look like new again.
For more information on choosing the right type of fence for your Fairfax, VA or Northern Virginia property, contact the fence experts at Armor Fence.

Wrought Iron Fences – Stylish Security For Your Arlington, VA Home

The old-world beauty of a wrought iron fence and gate is unmatched by most of today’s offerings in the fence world, but homeowners throughout the Northern Virginia, including theArlington VA area haven’t forgotten it. The classic appearance and long lasting durability of wrought iron fences and wrought iron gates continue to make them the choice of many homeowners. The wrought iron fence and wrought iron gate offers a sense of security, history and luxury all at the same time.


Many fence companies throughout the Northern Virginia region may attempt to sell you on similar products rather than a traditional wrought iron gate or wrought iron fence. While you may hear about the difficulty of maintaining a wrought iron gate or wrought iron fence since if untreated iron will rust when exposed to the elements, products and techniques are available to reduce or eliminate this possibility.


The old elegance associated with wrought iron gates and wrought iron fences is preferred by many homeowners, especially those in areas where many original homes are still standing. The materials looks right at home in these historic homes, and will compliment other materials used in your home’s exterior quite nicely. Wrought iron works as well as brick, concrete, natural stone, and other commonly used building materials make it an easy choice for many homeowners. The authenticity and rustic charm make wrought iron fences and wrought iron gates perfect for a contemporary driveway, garden or front entrance way into a home.
Even though many wrought iron fences and wrought iron gates of decades past have not been maintained as they should be and have since rusted, iron does not need to rust away. In fact, when approached in the right manner, wrought iron needs less attention than a wood fence or wood gate does. At the first sign of wear or rust, a wrought iron gate or fence should be tended to; when care and attention are paid, a wrought iron gate or wrought iron fence will last for decades.
For more information on installing a wrought iron gate or wrought iron fence on your Arlington VA and Northern Virginia property, contact the fence experts at Armor Fence today.

Tips On Sanding and Staining The Wood Fence On Your Springfield Virginia Property

Like it or not, at some point in time the wood fence surrounding your Springfield VA property will need to be sanded and stained. The investment you made in a wood privacy fence was a good one, as it adds significant curb appeal to the home while also adding privacy and safety. But unless you take proper care of the fence, you are likely to end up with less beauty and more dread. Not only does sanding and staining the wood fence add to its curb appeal, it also may protect it from the elements of the Northern Virginia weather. Use these tips to make your fence sanding and staining and fence sealing projects a bit easier and less frustrating.


  • Always know what to expect from Mother Nature before beginning your fence staining project. The stain will require at least 48 hours to completely dry, if not, it may not dry correctly and leave you with a bigger headache than what you started with.
  • Determine what method of stain application you plan to use before you begin. You can choose to brush or roll the stain, or even use a spray gun, but make a decision and prepare for it. Using a spray gun is much faster, but the end result may be more even when you stain the wood fence by hand.
  • Prevent damage to the surrounding plants, flowers and trees by covering each of the areas with tarps or drop cloths prior to beginning the project.
  • Always know what to expect from your Falls Church VA fence in terms of rot and decay that may need to be addressed. Inspect for weak, rotten or broken boards before beginning your project to ensure the finished product looks like new.
  • Power-wash the fence before you begin staining it. If you are inexperienced with a power washer, consider hiring professionals to do it for you. The high pressure water can easily damage the wood, which will again lead to added expense.

For more information on maintaining wood fences in Northern Virginia, contact the leading fence company professionals at Armor Fence today.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fencing and Other Fence Types For Your Falls Church VA Property

The reasons homeowners and business owners in Falls Church and Reston VA choose to install a fence vary. Some choose to install a fence to enhance the overall curb appeal, while others want to mark the boundaries of their property or protect children and pets from outside interference. No matter what the reason, choosing the right type of fence is essential to long-term happiness with your decision. This could mean aluminum fence, wooden fence or PVC / Vinyl Fence.


Typical choices for fences in the Herndon VA area include aluminum fences, wooden fences and vinyl fences, each with unique benefits. Metal fencing is often highly prized for the strength and durability offered. Whether you choose an aluminum fence, a wrought iron fence or a wood privacy fence, you should always consider the benefits before making a final decision.
For example, aluminum is a light material – especially when compared to steel or wrought iron. This mean less effort is required for the installation, in addition to the weather-related benefits of an aluminum fence. The humid and wet weather that is common in Northern VA can negatively impact some types of fences, but an aluminum fence will stand-up to the moisture – even the moisture created by a swimming pool. Resistance to moisture means less rust prevention and less maintenance for you.
The snowy winters and hot summers of Fairfax VA can wreak havoc on some fence materials, which in turn means more work and maintenance for you. Whereas other types of materials require maintenance associated with changing weather conditions, an aluminum fence requires very little to no maintenance, saving you time and money.
Perhaps the only drawback to an aluminum fence is the limitations on style choices. Installing an aluminum fence on your Falls Church VA or Reston VA property does not mean you will sacrifice the beauty of your property. Even though you may have fewer options to select from, the simple, clean lines of an aluminum fence compliment nearly any type of home.

More Information?

For more information on maintaining wood fences in Northern Virginia, contact the leading fence company professionals at Armor Fence today.

Tips For Choosing The Right Fence For Your Northern Virginia Home

Trying to decide on what type of fence is best for your Great Falls VA home? Use these tips and tricks when remodeling and your home fence or deck:

  • Select the right fence contractor for your Falls Church VA home fencing needs. Rather than playing a game of press your luck, select a contractor that specializes in the type of fence you want installed. If you are looking for an ornamental steel fence, choose a contractor that has extensive experience in that particular area of fencing.
  • Determine what you need to keep in – or out of – your property. If the answer to that question is nothing, then your Reston, VA home may be well suited for a small, decorative vinyl fence. However, if you have a 150-pound dog that must be kept out of the neighbors flower garden, then you will probably be better suited for a chain link fence or wooden privacy fence.
  • Consider the activities of your Springfield VA property and what you want to protect from view. Again, this goes along with the previous tip, in determining the use of the fence. For example, if you have small children who will regularly play in the backyard, you may want a tall, wood privacy fence to keep prying (and sometimes dangerous) eyes away from them.
  • Think about your budget. Fencing for your McLean VA home is available in nearly every price point, so determining your budget before you begin fence shopping is the best possible solution. Whether you want to invest in the top-of-the-line, electronically controlled wrought iron fence and gate system, or are looking for function over form and a chain link fence will suffice, knowing this early in the planning stages will make the process run more smoothly.

More Information?

For information and tips on choosing the right fence for your individual needs, contact Northern Virginia’s fence experts at Armor Fence today.